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Advertise on Curiobot
We're very excited to report that since Curiobot moved out of beta testing in early March 2008, we're seeing an average of over 70,000 visitors a month. We've also passed the 400 mark for strange and amazing products in our archive. That's a lot of hard-to-find finding!

Why you should advertise on Curiobot

Using Curiobot as an advertising medium is a great opportunity to engage an interested, diverse group of viewers. By carefully aggregating products from all ends of the internet into one place, we have attracted an equally broad spectrum of users. We have piqued their interest. If your site aligns with those interests, we're sure that you can handle the rest.

We continuously and aggressively promote Curiobot as the best place to find one-of-a-kind gifts online. And in doing so, we are representing and marketing the products that we have selected to be a part of our archive. If what you sell aligns with what we feature, we'd like to promote you too. We genuinely want people to get interested in all the wonderful things that the internet holds... in addition to LOLcats.

Does this advertising plan affect which products are included in the gallery?

Absolutely not. We're still committed to hand-screening the products in our archive. They are added regardless of their merchant and benefit to our site. We just add the coolest items we find. You will always be able to suggest a product for free. We do not offer an option to pay for permanent inclusion in our archive.

Inline Ads

150 x 150: $8 per 1000 impressions, minimum 10,000 impressions

To advertise a website, product, or service on our site, we offer a unique option: inline ads. These ads are placed within our gridded layout, and are perfect for targeting users who are already immersed in the page's content.

The ad squares are loaded into a maximum of 2 positions per grid page. Their locations are determined randomly for maximum effectiveness. Clicking on an inline ad brings the user directly to the URL of your choice. We create the ads using the text and/or images you provide to ensure that they are correctly formatted. Ads are 150px square.

Banner Ads

120 x 90: $5 per 1000 impressions, minimum 20,000 impressions
120 x 120: $6 per 1000 impressions, minimum 20,000 impressions

We also offer the more traditional banner ad option, with banners located on the product showcase pages, user profile pages, and secondary pages, such as the Concept page and this page. A maximum of four banner ads appear on each page, with their positions determined randomly on a rotating basis.

Other Ads

Rates vary

Looking for a different type of advertising solution? Like our old "feature ads"? Advertorials? Contact us. We have other options available, but are too lazy to write about them here.

Details and Ordering

Curiobot retains the right to hand-select our advertisers, just as we hand-select the products in our gallery. This helps us ensure that our site remains a helpful, unique, focused resource. If we don't think that your ads are appropriate for our site, we'll let you know, and if possible, we'll work with you to fit them in somehow.

We think that our ads are a fantastic value, but if for any reason you are unsatisfied with your sponsorship, we offer a full, prorated refund, minus a small setup fee (which covers the cost of us creating and placing the ad).

As mentioned above, ad slots are sold based on guaranteed pageviews/impressions, meaning that your ad stays on our site until a minimum number of people have seen it. The only exception to this is that for any quantity of pageviews purchased, the maximum running length of a campaign is 6 months. If for some reason your ad impressions are not used up at the end of 6 months, they will be refunded at the rate at which you paid for them, minus a small service charge. You can read all of this legal stuff in the contract we'll send you.

If you're ready to advertise on Curiobot, contact us and we'll be in touch. Don't forget to include your email address, name, and phone number (if you'd like a call)!