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Frequently Asked Questions
Honestly, these questions aren't really asked frequently. More like HEBAQ. Have Ever Been Asked Questions. Or WHYAQ. Why Haven't You Asked Questions.

What is Curiobot?

Check out our Concept page.

Why aren't the product filters working?

Check to make sure you have Javascript enabled in your browser. We heart Javascript.

The site is not remembering me or my preferences!

Our gallery's sort and filter functions require that you have cookies enabled. Check under your browser's options panel. You can either enable cookies for all sites, or you may be able to add our site to your list of trusted sites. That might solve the problem. If not, send us a message on the Contact page.

How do I earn prizes??

Well first, create an account. Then suggest a product. If we add the product you suggested, you'll start to accumulate prize points each time someone views or clicks on that product!
Every time someone views the product, you earn one point. Every time someone clicks on the product, it counts as three points. Once you're up to 10,000 points (it'll happen sooner than you think!), we'll give you a list of prizes (from our archive) to choose from, and send one off to you... assuming that your country allows sweet prizes through its customs department.
Additionally, you may suggest as many cool things as you can, and earn points from multiple products!

I found a dead link!

Good work, soldier. Send us a message on the Contact page.
We periodically run a script that checks for dead links, but the nature of these types of products is that, sadly, they are often short lived. Once a product's link expires, it is removed from the site, but not from our database. Once we have a large enough collection of expired products, we'll... do something with them. Maybe a book? Or an archive section on the site?

Can I add a product to the site?

Well, yes and no. You can Suggest one, which we will scope out and approve. In the future, we'll probably make our uploading interface public so that you can add a product directly, but for now, be patient, it may take us a while to get to your suggestion.

Why isn't the product I suggested showing up?

It might just be taking us a while to get to it... or we may have decided, for one reason or another, that it was not suitable for our database. No offense. We choose the products in a very subjective, gut-feeling sort of way, and as such, you may disagree with our taste.

Does Curiobot sell products?

Nope. We just find them and put them all in the same place for you. In order to buy one of the products, you can click on its price link and will be transferred to its retailer's site. As such, all questions about a product should be asked directly to the product's retailer.

You listed a price as $15 and it turned out to be $20! Oh the horror!

As mentioned above, Curiobot simply collects information about the products shown and directs you to the correct retailer should you wish to purchase one. Although we are extremely careful to provide the most accurate information available to us when we add a product to our database, we are in no way accountable for discrepancies between our site's data and the information found on the merchant's site. It is the responsibility of the consumer to decide whether he or she wishes to purchase the product based solely on the information provided by the retailer.
That said, we're always looking to improve our site. If you find information that you think is inaccurate or misleading, tell us about it on our Contact page.

Can you send me an email when you add new products?

Not yet... officially. We don't have a real newsletter, but if you're desperate, send us your name and email address through our contact page and mention that you want an email when we add new stuff.
We do have a fully functional RSS feed, which is updated every time that we add a new product. Try Google's Feed Reader... you'll like it. We also have a fast-growing Facebook group and a brand new Google gadget that you can add to your Google home page or website.

I own or work for an online retail site. Can you add some products from my site?

Yes we can, if we find products on your site that we feel are appropriate for ours. Send us your site's link via our Suggest a Product! page and note that the link is to a whole site.

Can I advertise on Curiobot?

You sure can. We're bent on maintaining a relevant, focused site, but if you think that the products or services you sell are a good match for our audience, check out our Advertise page for more info.