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Here at Curiobot, we care so much about your privacy that we sat down and wrote a policy. You can think of this policy as something like a Valentine's Day card, made especially for you out of craft paper... except that it's also for everyone else.

We did not copy it from a look-like-you-care-about-privacy template. We wrote it from scratch. Because, as I've mentioned, we do care, and we wanted you to be able to read this without having to remember who is referred to as the "Contractee" or whatever. All of that said, please don't sue us.

Privacy Policy

Updated 7/26/08

Curiobot now allows you to register an account with us! A Curiobot account allows you to receive hard-earned credit for the products you suggest (and win prizes!), store a list of your favorite products, and share them with your friends.

When you register an account with Curiobot, you are required to provide a valid email address (for account verification and I-lost-my-password problems). You are also asked (but not required) to provide an email address when you contact us via the Contact page. This is the only bit of personal information that we actively collect. We do not, have not, and will not (ever) sell, trade, give out, or abuse your email address, username, or password. You may choose to allow us to send you an occassional email update at the email address you provide; we'd love to be able to notify you of major news and site updates, but again, only with your permission.

Your account profile page, which lists your username, favorites, and the products you've suggested is publicly accessible. This allows you to share your favorite products with your friends and brag about how many prizes you've earned, but remember that it also allows people to see that you really want Your Very Own Stripper Pole.

Your account password is stored in a secure, one-way encrypted fashion in our database. Meaning that if our database was ever compromised, your password would still be relatively meaningless to the thief. Even so, we beg you: use a unique password for every internet site! It's the smart thing to do, even if it is a bit tedious.

Curiobot does not use encryption (SSL). This means that any data sent from your browser to our server, including page requests, login info, and submitted form data, may be viewed by an evil someone monitoring your network activity. This is how most websites work, especially when the site doesn't collect much personally identifying information. But if you're happily working at Employees Don't Need Privacy, Inc. you might want to think twice before creating the username "EmployeesDontNeedPrivacyIncSucks".

Additionally, some general information about you is passed to and collected by our server by default. We don't think that we need to tell you about it, because all servers require the information, but we're going to give you a quick summary. Information collected by our server may include your IP address (which can be used to obtain the location of your internet host), your browser and operating system type, the date of your visit, and the webpage that you came from. This is collected for statistical and security reasons and we can't do anything about it. We also use Google Analytics to collect general site usage data; you can read about what they do on their home page. Don't worry: knowing that you're using a computer running on Windows and that you're somewhere in eastern America isn't exactly identity theft material, and this information is not stored in any way that would allow us (or a data thief) to accurately match an IP address to a user.

Finally, remember that this policy applies only to the Curiobot domains. Clicking on a link to one of the products will take you to another company's website, with yet another privacy policy. Sorry. We wish they were all this easy to read.

This policy is subject to change without notice. You'll have to notice the change to the policy subject. Ha ha...