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Terms & Conditions
Curiobot is a pretty straightforward website, but in case you're confused, here are some disclaimers and conditions of use:

We aggregate and display products, but do not sell any. We try our hardest to convey accurate information about the products we feature, but may slip up from time to time. Sadly, but obvously, we can't be held responsible for the accuracy of the information on our site. It's up to you to verify things that appear on Curiobot with the actual product's merchant before you purchase a product from them. Similarly, we don't guarantee the accuracy of the exchange rates used by our site.

Misuse of the Curiobot website is prohibited. This includes abusing any of the email functions on our site. It also includes the creation of multiple usernames for whatever reason. In general, just follow the good ol' Golden Rule. Nobody likes spammers or flamers or trolls. We reserve the right to terminate the account of any user with no prior notification if they are believed to be in violation of these Terms & Conditions.

One more note. Although we love sending out prizes to our users, we don't make any guarantees when it comes to our prize system. We reserve the right to terminate or change the prize system, and though we'll try our hardest to spread the love, we can't be held liable for any failure to send a prize. There is no contract in place between users who suggest a product and Curiobot. You're trying to help us out, and we're trying to say thanks. As usual, prize points cannot be exchanged for cash.